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KUEF partners with the Kithoka community in Meru, Kenya to develop 
sustainable solutions 
to improve education for those living in poverty. 

"Urithi(pronounced: oo-re-dee) in the Kimeru language literally means "to feed, nurture or nourish".

Our Current Projects

"Pamoja Tunaweza Kulea Watoto Wetu"
Kiswhaili translates to "Together We Can Nurture Our Children". 

KUEF is continuously looking for ways to improve access to and quality of education in the Kithoka area. After numerous discussions with Principals and teachers at BLISS, Gichunge and Kithoka Primary schools and some baseline research conducted by our Research Interns, KUEF decided in 2011 to support the development of a school feeding program to provide enriched porridge at the two primary schools. 

These schools could not afford to serve any meals to students.  Many children came to school having only a cup of tea for breakfast and then nothing to eat all day. Our research revealed that almost 38% of these primary school children were malnourished and alarmingly, some were "wasting" - or severely malnourished.  You can help feed these children. Consider a donation to this program and literally NOURISH young lives. Currently KUEF provides a 1/2 liter of enriched porridge to over 750 children every school day.

Go to the project page to learn more about the school gardens and plans for sustainability. 

Hear about the impact of the Feeding Program from a Kenyan Primary School Student.


"Elimu kwa Wasichana kila Siku"
Kiswhaili translates to "Education for Girls Everyday"

This project plays an important role in keeping young women in school every day. Typically Kenyan girls miss one week of school every month. This program launched in June 2011. Currently we are able to provide feminine supplies for 500 young women in Kithoka at four schools to keep them in school everyday.

Learn more about this program and plans to make the project sustainable. 

Join us in our 2015 holiday fundraiser! 

We hope to raise money to purchase two sets of underwear for all female students at our partnering primary and secondary schools. During recent focus group discussions we learned that one of the challenges female students experience during their period is a lack of underwear. Our goal is to raise enough funds by February, 2016. Thank you for your support! 


Learn about Larry Dittmar's ambitious endeavor to initiate a Band and Orchestra program for the Kithoka community.  BLISS is one of few secondary schools in the nation to have a band.  This is a remarkable accomplishment for a Day School focused on educating the rural poor in Kenya.  

This significant program was honored fall of 2010 at the Nairobi TEDx event.  Learn more about the BLISS band and the Meru Music Project.  

Shar Music from Ann Arbor, MI donated fifty violins to launch our newest primary string instrument program in January 2011.



BLISS Facility Building Fund

KUEF is partnering to expand the BLISS School Campus to alleviate overcrowding and increase enrollment. 

Current Building Plans include:   

(1) Second Classroom Building (COMPLETED IN 2014)

(2) Second Science Laboratory Building (CONSTRUCTION START LATE 2015)

(3) Multi-Purpose Building to be used for Music Program, Student Dining, and Community Events (FUTURE).


Teacher Development Grants

Recognizing the crucial role that teachers and staff play in student success, KUEF has set up a fund for additional training for BLISS staff and support toward acquiring advanced degrees. All donations go directly to BLISS.


KUEF offers a 'hand up' not a 'hand out." 

All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.