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Computer Lab

13 Computer Workstation Lab Up and Running!
Internet with WIFI Installed

 The September 2010 KUEF service trip to Meru included three members of the KUEF Computer Advisory Committee. They partnered with local Meru technology services to oversee the installation of high speed internet and a 13 workstation computer laboratory at BLISS. In addition they installed two printers, a projector, surge protectors, battery backup and a WIFI wireless transmitter. Moses Marete recruited six recent Bliss graduates to assist with the installation. These student had the opportunity to be mentored by computer experts.


 This project opened up the world of the internet and offered teaching collaboration opportunities to not only BLISS students, and teachers but also the community.  The project was completed in 2011 with the addition of several more workstations and laptops.

      BLISS graduates help set up computer workstations.   
         One of the classrooms at BLISS was transformed into the new computer lab.

                                                                                      (photos by Beth Miller)

 KUEF thanks the Advisory Committee for assisting in the design, funding, purchase and installation of the computer laboratory. 
                            This project is now under the supervision and support of MichiKen, colleagues of KUEF.