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Past Projects

 KUEF Projects:

BLISS Band - An orchestra of 46 BLISS students are rapidly expanding their skills and repertoire and BLISS now has a full-time music teacher.  Learn more. 

BLISS Science Building - A two room expansion of BLISS, to include chemistry lab and biology/physics lab.  Laboratory space is currently rented by BLISS from a local primary school.  Learn more.

BLISS Computer Lab - Twenty workstations  and high speed internet will yield significant education opportunities.   Currently, 320 students and 18 teachers share one laptopLearn more.

Vision Screening and Eyeglasses - KUEF purchased 100 eyeglasses in support of the vision screening and science education.  Students in need of vision correction received innovative, low priced glasses designed by the Centre for Vision in the Developing World, Oxford University, United Kingdom.  Learn more.