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Science Building

BLISS Science Building with Labs

Funding status:  100% funded

Project status:  Building Completed

Education and investment in science and technology is critical for the future. 
A solid foundation in the sciences provides a base of knowledge, opportunity  for higher education,
 and employment in science related fields. 
 A strong science program contributes to the eventual transformation of the community.

A priority has been equipping the science department. 
Without lab equipment, visual aides and the ability to do dissection and experiments,
 the program was quite limited.
 Biology dissections were previously held on make-shift tables outdoors under a tree.

The new building provides proper science labs for BLISS.
 BLISS previously rented a laboratory room from the neighboring primary school.
 The staff and students dreamed of a separate science block of classrooms 
where classes could be held and equipment stored. 
 It would have proper lab tables with water and electricity available.

Over 240 BLISS parents, teachers, and community members dug the foundation trenches 
for the two room Science Block (Building)in late 2009.  

 On February 20, 2010 more than 800 students, parents, guests from the US and community members attended the cornerstone dedication.
 Dr. Dan Clauw, from University of Michigan Medical School, addressed the students and community. 
(He is shown here with principal, Moses Marete.) 
 Students presented a drama/dance for the celebration. 
The BLISS band played several numbers- 
see the KUEF Music Project for additional information on how the music program is developing.

           The Science Block was ready for the new term in Sept., 2010.                  
                     The Science Block provides a Chemistry lab, Physics/Biology lab and storage for science equipment.                                                                                                                                                     
 KUEF provided significant funding for the building, along with Ann Arbor FUMC and the Kenyan Ministry of Education.
         This is a remarkable achievement and reflects the commitment of the Kithoka community, the teachers and students, and their partners.

(Photos by Beth Miller)