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Vision Science and Spectacles

Funding status:  100% funded
Project status:  Completed

In 2009, Mr. Gilbert Mbae, a BLISS science teacher, visited Ann Arbor, MI along with Head Master Moses, Marete,  to learn more about the US educational system.   He mentioned to Dr. Dan Clauw, a University of Michigan Medical School professor, that US students must have worse vision than Kenyans, since so many US students wore "spectacles".  At BLISS, less than 10 of the 320 students wore eyeglasses.  The ensuing friendly scientific discussion led to the
'Science and Spectacles' project, a collaboration of KUEF and the First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor (FUMC).

                    On a February, 2010 service trip to Meru,science lectures taught BLISS students the biology
 of the eye and physics of light refraction.

Vision screening of students demonstrated that one of seven students required vision correction, and KUEF provided 100 sets of adjustable spectacles. Dr. Jeffery Punch, from University of Michigan, is shown fitting a student for glasses.

These innovative eyeglasses were developed by the Centre for Vision in the Developing World, at Oxford University.  The top science students at BLISS were trained to conduct vision screenings and 'fit' the spectacles.