Our Mission, Philosophy, Values and Work

 Kenyan Urithi Education Fund (KUEF) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization
      that works in partnership with local Kenyan communities
develop and grow projects that enrich and enhance education.


 Our Mission

  Our mission is to expand and enhance the educational         resources in the Kithoka community near Meru, Kenya.         Primary activities are focused on the Bishop Lawi Imathiu     Secondary School, the largest day (vs. boarding) secondary   school in the area. 


Our Philosophy

  KUEF was founded in the belief that Education is a key       component for change and addressing the issues of poverty     for the "Bottom Billion" of the world's population.


    Our Core Values

     Partnership - Working with local leadership to support      Kenyan vision and goals. We believe that together we          can bring about change. We recognize the mutuality of        experiences.We value collaboration through careful            listening.

     Empowerment – KUEF supports Kenyan leaders to transform      their own lives and communities. We offer a "hand up"        rather than a "hand out." We deliver critical                resources to encourage educational development and            enrichment that would otherwise be unattainable by our        Kenya partners.

     Sustainability - We support launching initiatives in        Kithoka that include plans for self-sustainability by        the local community after a reasonable period of time.

 Our Work

 Currently our work is focused on Kithoka, a rural area  outside of Meru, Kenya. Many BLISS students are the first in  their families to advance beyond primary school. Educational  access is transforming the Kithoka community.

 Previous to the establishment of BLISS, fewer than 20  Kithoka students attended high school. Currently over 450  students are enrolled at BLISS. Over 300 students have  graduated from BLISS since 2007.

 BLISS is fast becoming a "model"day school in Kenya. Read  more in Moses Marete's email on the News page.

The Kenyan Urithi Education Fund (KUEF) is a 501(c)(3)
 nonprofit agency based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.