Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School

BLISS continues to be ranked the 
#1 Day School in the North Imenti District.

The Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School (BLISS) was founded in temporary space in 2004.  A new, ten classroom school was dedicated in February, 2009.  BLISS provides an excellent day school education to approximately 380 poor, rural children.   Historically, Kenyan families only had the option of expensive boarding schools for secondary school (high school). Without BLISS, these rural students would have no option for secondary education. BLISS is helping to transform the Kithoka community. 

Remarkably, BLISS ranks 3rd in the North Imenti District among secondary schools, only out ranked by two National Boarding Schools: Meru Boys and Kaga Girls. This is exceptional for a public day school. 

Many BLISS students are the first in their families to advance beyond primary school. Educational access is transforming the Kithoka community. Previous to the establishment of BLISS, fewer than 20 Kithoka students attended high school. Currently over 450 students are enrolled at BLISS. Over 300 students have graduated from BLISS.

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