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Principal Moses Marete was pleased to announce the highest test scores ever with 33 students qualifying for      University. The entire student body marched from BLISS to KEMU to celebrate.                                                   We congratulate all the Form 4 students and their teachers.

BLISS is consistently named the #1 Day School in the
North Imenti District by the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

    BLISS follows the government curriculum for secondary boarding and day schools.   There are three school terms: First Term- January through March, Second Term - May through July, and Third Term - September through November.   The students have month-long breaks in April, August and December.

Daily Schedule for BLISS student: 

                  Many start walking to school shortly after 5 am.
                  Students must be on campus by 7 am.
                  Classes run from 8 am to 4 pm.
                  Tea and porridge break at 10 am.
                   Lunch (maize and beans) at 12:45 pm.
                  4 pm school clubs, sports, student organizations
                  Students walk home - many walk over 1 hour. 
                  Most have chores and responsibilities at home.



Science can be a difficult subject without visual aides, lab instruments and the capacity to do experiments.  Equipping the chemistry, physics and biology labs has been an intentional focus. 

BLISS is one of only 3 secondary schools out of 57 in the District to offer PhysicsThis is exceptional
for a day school.  In 2009, their science team won 3rd place at the Provincial Science Fair.  KUEF continues to support the developing science program at BLISS.   Shown here are Esther, the biology teacher and Gilbert, the chemistry instructor.

KUEF is pleased to announce the completion of the new Science Classroom Block.
More information about this is in the Science Project section of this website.

In November the Form 4 (senior) year, pending graduates take the fourteen day Kenyan National Examination.  This highly rigorous and competitive exam determines a student's options for advancement to a university or college.  More than 300,000 Form 4 students across Kenya take the exam each year, and the top 20,000 are awarded public university acceptance and Kenyan government scholarships.  Students below the top 20,000 have the option to attend a private university, or a two year college/certificate program, though students at BLISS cannot afford the tuition.