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Teachers & Staff

Mr. Moses Marete is the Head Master of BLISS.
(Photo of Moses on the left at the dedication of the school in 2009.)

MOses has gathered a competent staff of educators committed to excellence and serving the Kithoka community.  Moses describes BLISS as a 'school of compassion' where the needs of the students are addressed. 

In a recent survey of the students, when asked who is a role model of leadership with integrity, the students overwhelmingly choose their Head Master, Moses Marete.  He inspires both student and staff to achieve their best.

There are nineteen BLISS teachers, an increase of one in 2011 due to increased enrollment.  Ten are funded by the Kenyan Government Teacher Service Commission and nine are hired directly by the BLISS Board of Education.  Sixteen teachers have university degrees, at the bachelors or masters level.  Two have certificates from two year teacher colleges, and they are currently pursuing their university degrees on a part-time basis, in addition to their full-time employment at BLISS. Seven teachers are currently pursing their Master's degrees in addition to teaching full time.  Providing support for the teachers is a concern of KUEF.

Teacher salaries range from $87 - $490 permonth (7,000 - 40,000 Kenya shillings).  Teachers at BLISS are dedicated to the advancement of their students and the transformation of the community.  BLISS teachers  funded tuition for several very poor BLISS students. 

Teachers in 2009

Teacher Profiles 

Moses Marete
Responsibilities: Principal 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Kenyatta University. 
Teaching Subjects: History & Geography
Academic Advancement: Mr. Marete is pursuing a Masters degree in History and Government from Chuka University.  
Teaching Experience: 20 years 

Mwenda Geoffrey Igweta
Responsibilities: Deputy Principal
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Moi University, Kenya
Teaching Subjects: Kiswahili and Geography
Academic Advancement: Mr.Igwata is pursuing a Masters degree in Kiswahili at Chuka University 
Teaching Experience: 16 years 

Gilbeat Mbae
Responsibilities: Head of Academic Programs
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education in Science, Egerton University. 
Teaching Subjects: Chemistry & Mathematics
Academic Advancement: Mr. Mbae is pursuing a Masters degree in Business Administration at Kenya Methodist University. 
Teaching Experience: 8 years 

Lilian Ntarangwi
Responsibilities: Head of Languages 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, University of Nairobi  
Teaching Subjects: English & Literature 
Teaching Experience: 12 years 

Helen Mburugu 
Responsibilities: Head of History & Government 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Kenyatta University. 
Teaching Subjects: History & Christian Religious Studies 
Academic Advancement: Mrs. Mburugu is pursuing a Masters degree in Curriculum Studies 
Teaching Experience: 20 years 

sibilities: Class Teacher
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Kenyatta University  
Teaching Subjects: English & Literature
Academic Advancement: Mr. Mutethia would like to  pursue a Masters degree in Education Management 
Teaching Experience: 3 years 

Dickson Mwenda Kithinji 
Responsibilities: Head of Games
Academic qualifications: Diploma Business Management, Kenya Institute of Management
Teaching Subjects: Business & Mathematics
Academic Advancement: Mr. Kithinji would like to pursue a Degree Program.  
aching Experience: 4 years 

Zachary Kinyua
Responsibilities: Form 2A Class Teacher 
Teaching Subjects: History, Government & Christian Religious Studies 
Academic Advancement: Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts from University of Nairobi 
Teaching Experience: 4 years 

Agnes K. Mbogori
Responsibilities: Assistant Teacher 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Kenya Methodist University 
Teaching Subjects: English & Geography
Academic Advancement: Pursuing a Masters Degree in Geography.  
Teaching Experience: 23 years 

Dennis Gikunda Kiruja
Responsibilities: Head of Science 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education in Science, Egerton University. 
Teaching Subjects: Physics & Mathematics
Teaching Experience: 7 years 

Pamella Muthoni Mutuma 
Responsibilities: Head of Technical
Academic qualifications: Diploma, Egerton University. 
Teaching Subjects: Biology & Agriculture
Teaching Experience: 10 years 

Alice K. Mbogori
Responsibilities: Head of Humanities 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Moi University. 
Teaching Subjects: Kiswahili & Christian Religious Education 
Academic Advancement: Mrs. Mbogori is pursuing a Masters degree 
Teaching Experience: 14 years 

Eric Mwenda Mwobobia
Responsibilities: Form 1A Class Teacher 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Nairobi . 
Teaching Subjects: Business & Mathematics
Teaching Experience: 1 year 

Frankline Mugendi Kirimi 
Responsibilities: Class Teacher
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education in Science, Malinde Muliro University. 
Teaching Subjects: Chemistry & Mathematics
Teaching Experience: 2 years 

David Mwenda Kirigia
Responsibilities: Head of Guidance and Counseling 
Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Kampala University. 
Teaching Subjects: Kiswahili & Geography
Academic Advancement: Mr. Kirigia is enrolled in a Masters program.  
Teaching Experience: 14 years 

Mutwiri William Kinyua
Responsibilities: Patron 
Academic qualifications: Diploma in Technical Education, K.T.T.E. 
Teaching Subjects: Agriculture & Biology
Teaching Experience: 5 years