Key Accomplishments of Our Partnership

The Kenyan Urithi Education Fund supported the following educational projects in Kithoka and at the Bishop Lawi Imathiu Secondary School (BLISS) in Meru, Kenya through grant funding and service work. These accomplishments resulted because of the close partnership between Kithoka community leaders and KUEF.  Key accomplishments are listed by year.



  •  Utah Based Volunteer team traveled to Kenya.  Funded and helped build Eco Dormitory at Kithoka Amani Childrens Home, providing space for additional children at KACH.  
  • Utah team led community health seminars with focus on alcohol abuse.
  • Teacher from Trailside Elementary Schoolin Park City, UT partners with Kithoka Primary, providing textbooks, school supplies,library books, tables and chairs for classrooms.

  • First Utah Based Volunteer team traveled to Kenya.  Funded and helped build 1/4 acre Green House at BLISS, contributing to production of food for the school.



Music Program Accomplishments:

·Established String Music Program at Kenyan primary school for 136 children.  Instruments were donated from Shar Music     in Ann Arbor, MI. 

  • Funded band trip to Nairobi to perform for Nairobi Ted X event.

· Sponsored Service Project to train Kenyan students & teacher at both primary and secondary schools.

· Provided grant for secondary school band (46 students) to participant in Kenyan National Music Competition in Nakuru.

· Enriched secondary school Band Music program of 60 students with supplemental instruction and started 90 freshman students on recorders.


School Teacher/Staff Development:

· Provided organization development opportunity for 27 high school teachers and staff (a) to build improved team skills, (b) to network with peer organizations through benchmarking, and (c) to visit national and historical sites in their own country.


Girls Education Program:

· Provided feminine supplies for over 200 young women at BLISS secondary school  in Kithoka to keep them in school everyday.  Also provided additional pairs of underwear. 


Primary School Feeding Program

· Conducted community research project on nutrition in 2 area primary schools and found alarming rates of malnutrition.

· Partnered with community leaders to form local committee to address hunger and nutrition issues in Kithoka.


High School Computer Teaching Lab:

·  Maintained computer lab with internet access for nearly 400 Kenyan high school students and 27 teachers/staff.

· Enabled students to develop computer skills and expanded instructional resources through internet. Computing resources expanded to about 30 computers.








· Funded construction (partial) of 2-laboratory BLISS Science Building.

· Funded equipment for School Computer Teaching Lab at BLISS, with an Internet connection, and installed/configured computers and network during service trip.

· Taught Vision Education and distributed eyeglasses to students and community members.

· Provided music instruction for BLISS School Band and travel grant for their performance at the TEDx Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

· Sponsored Kithoka Service Project with 13 US participants to develop future school programs, establish collaborations between universities in the US and Kenya, and implement school computer lab.