March 2012,
Hello our dear friends,

Greetings to you all.
Once again I want to share good news! The results of the Kenyan national examinations were just released.BLISS has once again performed beyond the expectation by posting a mean score of 6.578 from the previous mean of 5.01 which is an improvement index of 1.568.

Overall again we are the Number One Day School in our County and District BLISS moved up from Number Six in 2010 to NUMBER FIVE SCHOOL overall within our district.

More important is that we have 33 students who have attained the university entry point.
The break down of the results are as follows:

Grade                  No. of students
B+                                   4
B                                     7
B-                                    7
C+                                 15
C                                   15
C-                                  15

School Mean Score      6.578

Just to remind you that grade C+ is the entry point for joining the Kenyan Universities.C- and above can pursue higher diploma courses.
The implication of this is that within the next four years or so Bliss will have added value to the community in terms of human resources over 63 graduates.
Friends I humbly thank you for being part and parcel of the team that has contributed to this great achievement.
Thanks and Gods blessings.


Moses Marete, Head Master of BLISS

New KUEF Facebook Page

posted May 28, 2011, 4:29 AM by Spencer Peck

Hello all!!

I (Spencer) just wanted to update you that we have updated our Facebook page. Click Here to visit the new page. So far we don't have much new, but we are slowly adding more photos and information.

Please feel free to "Like" our page and return to see the progress we are making with our various projects. Don't be afraid to suggest the page to others. Just find the link on the right side, near the top of the page that says: "Suggest to Friends" click that and pick whomever you want from you list of friends to find/like our Facebook page.

Thanks again!

Update from Mr. Moses Marete

posted May 28, 2011, 4:24 AM by Spencer Peck

Bliss is doing quite well.We have become like celebs with many visitors coming to see what is making the school perform well.Several schools are bringing their students and teachers to our school for 
bench marking. I am being invited by so many schools to talk to their students 
and teachers about perfomance. Even the District Education Board has been 
inviting me to their meetings to share with other education stakeholders on 
school management and peformance.The whole of last week I was in Mombasa with 
other Principals from the Eastern province to discuss Education Reforms in line with 
the Kenyas new constitution.

To brief you- some of the measures that we have put in place to improve performance include:
1.Syllabus coverage by 30th September for all classes.The remaining time is to revise 
with the students on key areas not well understood.This is made possible by 
having morning classes that begin from 7am up to 7.45am.We also have Sartuday 
classes and at times teachers, on their own, organise classes after 4pm.
2.We have 3 continues Assessment Tests and the end of the term exam to evalute 
what the students have covered.
3 We have monthly departmental meetings to share and evalute the progress of 
each department see where attention is needed,
4 We have a Mentor-Mentee program where every teacher is allocated at least 4 
student in Form 4 that one monitors not only on academic matters but also 
becomes the "parent".
5 Each year we have a theme or a rallying call that we reflect upon to give us 
the psych of marching on.This year our call is "Beholding  Beyond." In other words, 
each one of us must endeavor to archive more than last year.
6 We have class retreats where each class moves out of school and charts not only the 
way forward for themselves but also the mean score they want to archive.
7 We also visit other schools that are performing to learn their programs
8 Bliss works as a team This is our strongest point.We believe we are members of 
the same family and we carry each others burden.When it comes to duty there is 
no boss.We all do the work together.

There are so many other things that we do but the letter will be too long for 
you.We will continue sharing more.

This saturday we are having a Thanks Giving Service in school to thank God for 
the good results.We have invited the whole community and all friends of Bliss to 
be with us.This also the day many of the friends have promised to come with a 
token of appreciation to the teachers.

Moses Marete

KUEF elects new Executive Director

posted Mar 20, 2011, 3:23 PM by Beth Miller

At their March meeting, the KUEF Board of Director elected fellow Board member, Beth Miller, as their new Executive Director.  Recently retired from fifteen years as the Director of Youth MInistries at Ann Arbor First United Methodist Church, Beth brings experience and passion to the position.  Beth, along with Board member, Gary McClusky, was instrumental in establishing and growing the partnership between Meru and Ann Arbor. She has introduced over 100 volunteers to the Kithoka community, having led six service trips to Meru since 2004.

Beth is also the Founder and Director of 'The Strangely Warmed Players.' This youth drama troupe has performed on four continents. Since 2006, the troupe has contributed all their honorariums to educational scholarships for Kenyan youth.

Beth is married to Gilson Miller. They have three grown children and two grandchildren. They currently reside in Heber City, Utah.  Her hobbies include hiking, biking, alpine skiing and snowshoeing. In addition to supporting KUEF, the Millers are advocates for the National Ability Center in Park City where Gil teaches skiing and snowboarding.

BLISS 2010 National Examination Results - keep improving!

posted Mar 20, 2011, 3:21 PM by Beth Miller   [ updated Mar 20, 2011, 4:01 PM ]

Principal Moses Marete was pleased to announce the highest test scores ever with 18 students qualifying for University. The entire student body marched from BLISS to KEMU to celebrate.  We congratulate all the Form 4 students and their teachers.  We are pleased to announce that Newton Mwenda and David Nkunja were the top students followed by Douglas Kinyua, Edward Kirimi and Koome Benson.  

Here is the email we received from Moses Marete:   
"Jambo Friends,
Greetings to you all,
I wanted to share  the good news with all about our national results.The school
did quite well.
18 student qualified to join the University out of the 67 who did the exam.
12 student qualified for higher diploma courses
23 student can do certificate courses and the rest can join the technical
In terms of ranking we are number 6 in our district and we are number one among all
the day schools in our district.
When the results were announced the students led by the school choir plus the
teachers and members of the community marched all the way to Kemu.  Then we
all had a great meeting at Thiiri centre where different community leaders
applauded the student and teachers.
Friends thank you so much for being part of this big success.
Thanks and God bless.

KUEF: Celebrating 2010 Accomplishments!

posted Mar 6, 2011, 6:11 AM by Beth Miller   [ updated Mar 20, 2011, 3:47 PM ]

In our first full year functioning as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit...

    - $20,000 donated toward the completion of the Science Classrooms at BLISS

    - Provided 100 Eyeglasses for Vision Project at BLISS

    - Donation of 13 computers, software, printers for BLISS

    - Installation of Internet, Wi-Fi with 13 Computer Workstation Lab at BLISS

    - Funding for BLISS band to perform at TedX event in Nairobi

    -First official KUEF Service Trip to Meru in Sept. 2010 with 12 participants

University of Michigan

    - Initial facilitation for University of Michigan's GIEU undergrad trip for June 2011

Primary Schools

    - Initiated Primary School Project Research at Kithoka and Gichunge primary schools to assess needs at                                                          these 'feeder' schools for BLISS 

    Music Preparation Initiative, funding support for band director, Standford Thomas to prepare band for TedX event

    - Preparation for Jan. 2011 service trip to initiate Primary School String Music Program

    - Donation of 4 cellos and 50 violins from Shar Music, Ann Arbor, MI for Primary String Music Program

    Donation of music for Primary String Music Program from Alfred Publishing 


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