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Update from Mr. Moses Marete

posted May 28, 2011, 4:24 AM by Spencer Peck
Bliss is doing quite well.We have become like celebs with many visitors coming to see what is making the school perform well.Several schools are bringing their students and teachers to our school for 
bench marking. I am being invited by so many schools to talk to their students 
and teachers about perfomance. Even the District Education Board has been 
inviting me to their meetings to share with other education stakeholders on 
school management and peformance.The whole of last week I was in Mombasa with 
other Principals from the Eastern province to discuss Education Reforms in line with 
the Kenyas new constitution.

To brief you- some of the measures that we have put in place to improve performance include:
1.Syllabus coverage by 30th September for all classes.The remaining time is to revise 
with the students on key areas not well understood.This is made possible by 
having morning classes that begin from 7am up to 7.45am.We also have Sartuday 
classes and at times teachers, on their own, organise classes after 4pm.
2.We have 3 continues Assessment Tests and the end of the term exam to evalute 
what the students have covered.
3 We have monthly departmental meetings to share and evalute the progress of 
each department see where attention is needed,
4 We have a Mentor-Mentee program where every teacher is allocated at least 4 
student in Form 4 that one monitors not only on academic matters but also 
becomes the "parent".
5 Each year we have a theme or a rallying call that we reflect upon to give us 
the psych of marching on.This year our call is "Beholding  Beyond." In other words, 
each one of us must endeavor to archive more than last year.
6 We have class retreats where each class moves out of school and charts not only the 
way forward for themselves but also the mean score they want to archive.
7 We also visit other schools that are performing to learn their programs
8 Bliss works as a team This is our strongest point.We believe we are members of 
the same family and we carry each others burden.When it comes to duty there is 
no boss.We all do the work together.

There are so many other things that we do but the letter will be too long for 
you.We will continue sharing more.

This saturday we are having a Thanks Giving Service in school to thank God for 
the good results.We have invited the whole community and all friends of Bliss to 
be with us.This also the day many of the friends have promised to come with a 
token of appreciation to the teachers.

Moses Marete