Our Programs


Kenyan Urithi Education Fund partners with local leadership in Meru, Kenya

 to support Kenyans’ vision and goals. 

We believe that together we have the capacity to bring about change. 

Together we have worked on Educational Projects that nurture and enrich

 opportunities for a better way of life in Kithoka!

You may learn more about our current programs through the following links:

Education for Girls Everyday

Sustainable Primary School Feeding Program

Meru Music Project





 You may learn more about completed projects through the following links:

School Science Building

Vision Science & Spectacles

School Computer Teaching Lab


We recognize the mutuality of experiences whereby an individual/group both affects
and at the same time is affected by the other person/group. 


The impact we have had on each other, in both Kenya and US, has been tremendous!


Our Work is a "Hand Up" and rather than a "Hand Out!"