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June 2011 - University of Michigan Service Teams

 June 2011 was be a very busy, exciting time 
for everyone in Kithoka and KUEF.

In  June 13, 2011 a group of over 44 University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff  descended on Meru to begin what we hope will be a long collaboration and partnership. There are three groups each with a different project: Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU), Graduate students and Faculty from the Dental School, and a diverse representation of disciplines including Public Health, Medicine and Pharmacy.

Pictured Dr. Dan Clauw, Project Leader and Dr. Mark Wilson from U.M.  (Photos by Beth Miller)

KUEF has helped facilitate co-ordination between U.M and our Kenyan partners in Kithoka for this trip. Our Research Interns, Spencer and Megan Miller-Peck, based in Meru, worked hard all year to ensure these projects are organized and dynamic as possible. The Executive Director of KUEF, Beth Miller, also traveled to Kenya and stayed for the duration of the U.M. trip. Her role was to connect new visitors with our friends and partners in Meru. Mrs. Miller also provided a wealth of knowledge, insight and support for all members of the group. Her extensive experience leading trips to Meru, and numerous other international destinations, provided participants with a meaningful, comfortable and valuable experience.

Marianne Clauw, former KUEF Executive Director, worked closely with 
the undergraduate GIEUprogram  preparing for this trip and accompanied the group to Kenya. (Marianne is shown in the photo at the right greeting Kenyan partners at BLISS.)


Medical Research "Short Course:"   
    To augment and reinforce the Community Health Survey the Faculty from University of Michigan and select faculty from the Kenyan institutions will conduct a three day seminar about Medical and Clinical research. This conference aspires to introduce methodology and practical aspects of research to, and inspire a new generation of medical researchers in Kenya. University faculty and students, health care professionals and the government officials will be invited to the seminar. The leaders of the project hope this event will become an annual event and will eventually grow to include the greater East African Community. 

Lecturing/Teaching, Curriculum Exchange:
    The members of all three groups will be involved in teaching various skills, courses and topics at BLISS, local primary schools, and the two local universities. Both KeMU and MUCST have also been granted access to the University of Michigan's Open.Access Online Curriculum database to augment their own curriculum and materials.

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