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KUEF – Volunteer Approach

"Work goals matter, but relationship building matters more!"

KUEF volunteers partner with local leadership in Meru, Kenya to support the Kenyans’ vision and goals. We believe that together we have the capacity to bring about change. We recognize the mutuality of these experiences whereby an individual/group both affects and at the same time is affected by the other person/group.  We expect volunteers to assume the role not only of ‘teacher’ but also of ‘learner.’ Your ‘expertise’ in the West might not translate into ‘expertise’ in East Africa.

The opposite approach would be ‘these people need us’ or ‘without us they could not move ahead.”  Please note the ‘we’ / ‘they’ language.  KUEF approaches all projects as partnerships. We expect all KUEF volunteers to be intentional about maintaining these important relationships. Serve with an attitude of humility and respect. Cross cultural experiences can produce energy and insight for innovation and creative solutions.

KUEF expects participants to approach the Kenyan culture with respect. We do not accept that one culture is superior to another, or that 'our way' is the 'only way' to approach a task.  We recognize and honor the cultural context of our projects and partnership.  Please be aware that the power of culture is often experienced unconsciously as are our responses.  Developing tools for approaching another culture and improving one's awareness will provide not only better understanding but also more effective working relationships       

As you prepare for your KUEF service in Kithoka, we ask you to carefully read the following helpful information:
  1. Read and sign the KUEF Volunteer Code of Conduct Form and return to your Project Leader one month prior to your departure for Kenya.
  2. Read and sign the KUEF Waiver of Liability Form and return to your Project Leader one month prior to your departure for Kenya.
  3. Read the KUEF Guidelines for Safety.
  4. Read the Cultural Orientation information.
  5. Procure travel insurance and provide a copy of your insurance to your Project Leader at least one month prior to your departure.
To assist you as you prepare for your trip, we have a Suggested Packing List available on this site.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact your Project Leader or Beth Miller, KUEF Executive Director.