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Supplies to  Enrich Education

Recognizing that local schools are often lacking basic tools for teaching, KUEF has set up a fund for needed supplies to teach and enrich the classroom experience. 

Projects are prioritized by school principals. 

Science Lab Equipment at BLISS

BLISS, a secondary day school, is one of only three schools in the district to teach physics. They have chosen to emphasize science. KUEF has not only contributed to the building but also the equipping of 5 Science Lab Classrooms.  

Typical Supplies Donated to Area Schools

The following list is not comprehensive:

  • Required Kenya Curriculum Textbooks

  • Paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, scissors, glue, markers, tape, poster board, chalk, visual aides, pencil sharpeners, rulers

  • Revision Textbooks for both secondary and primary schools to prepare for National Exams

  • Classroom desks, tables and chairs, Teacher's cupboards

  • Microscopes

  • Science equipment to enhance student lab practical experiences.

  • Compressed gas lines to complete Science Lab expansion.

  • Library Books including resource books

  • Office supplies 

To donate toward much needed classroom supplies follow the link provided below.  Asante Sana for your support!

You can donate through PayPal,

by clicking on Donate below

(no account needed) or by check.


Checks made payable to: KUEF Inc. (memo line: Classroom Equipment) may be mailed to: 


Kenyan Urithi Education Fund, Inc.

P. O. Box 2182

Ann Arbor, MI   48106-2182

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