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School Feeding Program

In 2017 over 150,000 cups of porridge

were served through this program.


In 2011 KUEF initiated the development of a school feeding program to provide enriched porridge at two local primary schools.  This was the result of numerous discussions with Principals and teachers at BLISS, Gichunge and Kithoka Primary schools, parents and community members and baseline research conducted by our Research Interns.


These schools could not afford to serve any meals to students.  Many children came to school having only a cup of tea for breakfast and then nothing to eat all day. Our research revealed that almost 38% of these primary school children were malnourished and alarmingly, some were "wasting" - or severely malnourished. 

The KUEF feeding program partners with NOC (Nurture Our Children*) a committee of parents, School Board members and community residents in Kithoka to provide a cup of porridge every day for about 800 primary school students at Kithoka Primary and Gichunge. Community school gardens help raise ingredients for the enriched porridge with a goal of complete sustainability.

Cooking prior to the new kitchens
was done in a classroom and outdoors.


  • Increased enrollment

  • Improved attendance rates

  • Improved attention, engagement and participation in class

  • Improving health of children

  • Increased involvement of parents

  • School staff encouraged and suported

  • Through NOC (Nurture Our Children) the local community effectively organizes and facilitates this program; insuring long-lasting results. 

  • Food is locally grown and sourced; largely dependent on community school gardens.

  • School gardens are cared for primarily by volunteer parents of the students.

  • NOC is accountable to KUEF and local leadership through AakaKenya

Looking to the Future

In 2017 KUEF fulfilled a promise that when a level of sustainability was reached by school gardens  to build adequate school kitchens at both primary schools. NOC hopes to feed a daily lunch in addition to the porridge. They have begun on a small scale. Read more about the new kitchens at:

School Facility Development 

You can help feed these children!


Consider a donation to the Feeding Program and literally NOURISH young lives. Currently KUEF provides a 1/2 liter of enriched porridge to about 800 children every school day.


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